Kings Of Convenience


Kings Of Convenience

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Written by Kings of Convenience

Capo on 2nd fret

Standard Tuning 

Intro: C B/C Am7 C* Fmaj7 Gmaj7 C 

       C              B/C               Am7              C* 
I'll lose some sales and my boss won't be happy, 
         F        C     Am                    C 
But I can't stop listening to the sound 
      F     C     Dm 
Of two soft voices 
Blended in perfection 
                 C                  G                     Fmaj7     G C 
From the reels of this record that I've found. 

Every day there's a boy in the mirror asking me... 
What are you doing here? 
Finding all my previous motives 
Growing increasingly unclear. 

Break: C B/C Am7 C* Fmaj7 Gmaj7 C 

I've travelled far and I've burned all the bridges 
I believed as soon as I hit land 
All the other options held before me, 
Would wither in the light of my plan. 

So I'll lose some sales and my boss won't be happy, 
But there's only one thing on my mind 
Searching boxes underneath the counter, 
On a chance that on a tape I'd find... 

A song for  
C                     B/C       Am 
someone who needs somewhere  
to long for. 

             C     B/C      Fmaj7 
Because I no longer know  
                    C B/C Am7 C* Fmaj7 Gmaj7 C 
where home is. 

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