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Can I Have More Of You Chords

Kim Walker

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by joshyno

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Can I Have More Of You

I give up 
Trying to earn Your love 
I just look above 
      Gmaj7   D   Em 
Up to You 
My desire 
Is to see Your fire 
Growing even higher 
     Gmaj7   D   Em 
Than before 

	        D       Em     Gmaj7 
	Because You are good, beyond measure 
	D        Em        Gmaj7 
	My heart longs to give You pleasure 
	D    Em     Gmaj7 
	You fulfill all my longing 
	    D      Em     Gmaj7 
	And all my life I will sing 

	D     Em 
	God I love You and all You do 
	Gmaj7    A 
	Your joy lives inside and does me good 
	D          Em          G    A 
	Can I have more of You 
	D         Em 
	Amazing grace, how sweet the sound 
	Gmaj7  A 
	Oh, my God, You never let me down 
	D     Em             G   A 
	Can I have more of You 

God I need, You right next to me 
For my heart to be satisfied 
I decide how I live my life 
Iíve made up my mind, Iím liviní for You 

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