Kenny Chesney

Gulf Moon Chords

Kenny Chesney

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by marcnagel

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Gulf Moon

  		Intro: G D/F# Em C C D G 

G                  D/F# 
A corner dive down on the square 
           Em                 C 
Where the windows hang with a neon flare 
Regulars shoot horse and pool 
While the barmaid wishes the place half full 
She works the jar with a discount flirt 
   Em           C 
A faded Houston Oilers shirt 
While an old crow sings down on the stage 
G                         D/F# 
Thumbing the chords on a crinkled page 
   Em                      C 
He plays his Zevon tune 
Beneath a gulf moon 

Instrumental: G D/F# Em C C D G 

G                D/F# 
Take a walk down along the wall 
          Em                C 
You'll go right on past the carnival 
Hand in hand with the keeper kind 
The kind that ties to the ties that bind 
Don't care for the carnie man 
       Em                  C 
Or the fortune teller that reads your hand 
You just beeline for a bungalow 
Where the curtains flutter 
And candles glow 
                Em     C 
In the heart of June 
D                  G 
Beneath a gulf moon 

D G And here I'm on a midnight porch C Looking up at a butane torch D G That hangs behind a black expanse C Em Where stars flicker and planets dance D G And it's probably time I pack it in C With a glass half-full of Jameson Em Well I was born to croon C I might as well D Beneath a gulf moon
Instrumental: G D/F# Em C C D G Verse G Down by the jetty D/F# Near the Balinese Pier Em C The curmudgeons drink the yellow belly beer D And they bitch about the price of gas G And the fish that they can't seem to catch D/F# They blame it on the islands way down south Em C From the bayou marsh and the delta mouth D Where the choppers roll and the tankers come G D/F# In a midnight daze for the oil drum Em C They can't leave too soon D Beneath a gulf moon

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