Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson

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	  		Intro: Am G Dm C  x2 

Am                 G 
Just woke up and thought I'd try 
Dm             C 
Try to step across the line 
Am                      G 
You know that I've been thinking 'bout it  
Dm        C 
for a while Yeah 
Am                    G 
Starting to think it's time I leave 
Dm                   C 
Does me good to know I finally feel 
Am         G                    Dm    C 
Feel this pain, it's real, it's possible 

You say 
Am                G 
Can't change the winds you say 
Dm             C 
Won't matter anyway 
Am               G 
Can't reach that far 
            Dm   C 
Cause it's impossible 
Am          G 
Can't rise above this place 
Dm                      C 
Won't change enough, so I pray 
Am                G             Dm   C 
Breaking down the walls to the impossible 

Walking by myself I know 
This lonely road's becoming my new home 
but I don't stop 
I just keep moving on, and on 
Ain't no need to dry my eyes 
I haven't cried in quite some time 
Everyday I fight it, 
You know it's possible 

Am      G                Dm             C 
Someone tell me Why it's so hard taking chances 
Am            G                  Dm              C 
You draw the line and think That I won't ask for more Yeah 
Am       G           Dm          C 
I will stumble and I make my own mistakes Yeah 
Am           G              Dm 
but I won't worry about it anymore It's impossible 

Am G Dm C 

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