Keith Whitley

It Aint Nothin

Keith Whitley

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It Aint Nothin


Intro: A Bbdim Bm E7, A Bbdim Bm E7 Eb7 

D                                  A 
My boss is the bosss son and that makes for a real long day. 
D                                 B7  
When the day is finally done, Im facing forty thousand cars on the  
E7, Interstate. Eb7 
Feeling lower than a well diggers shoes 
A               Db7     F#7  
Knee-deep in a mess of blues.  
But those blues just fade away 
E                    Eaug 
When I hear my baby say 

A Bbdim Bm E A Bbdim IT AINT NOTHIN a little bit of love cant fix. Bm Cdim It aint nothin but a scratch Dbm7 Cm7 Bm7 E7 A little bit of love cant stitch. A Bbdim Bm E A Bbdim IT AINT NOTHIN a little bit of love cant heal. Bm Db7 F#7 And your love makes me feel D Bm7 E7 No matter what hell life is, A Bbdim Bm E A Bbdim Bm E7 Eb7 IT AINT NOTHIN
D A A7 It was written all over her face she was about to climb the walls. D She said you got to get me out of this place B7 E7 Eb7 Cause even Cinderella got to go to the ball. D And if you multiply hell times three A Db7 F#7 Thats what this day has been for me. B7 I said, "Baby, well do the town E Eaug So, dont let it get you down. Play the Chorus then go to below A Bbdim Bm IT AINT NOTHIN E A Bbdim Bm I said IT AINT NOTHIN, E A Bbdim Bm You know IT AINT NOTHIN

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