Katy Brien

Crying For No Reason

Katy Brien

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Crying For No Reason

INTRO C#m B A (2x) 

verse 1 
C#m                           B          A 
I push all my problems to the back of my mind 
A                               B         C#m 
Then they surface in my dreams, they come alive 
C#m                      B                 A 
I sweep all my issues to somewhere I can't find 
A                                         B       A 
In hope that I'll forget but there's just so many times 

C#m                            B               A 
Why can't I be strong and just confront all my fears? 
A                              B     C#m 
When my fear is hurting you by being sincere 
C#m                               B        A 
But how many more days can I run? How many years? 
A                                  B          A 
Emotions flooding and now it's all seeming so clear 

F#m C#m Crying for no reason, feel the tears roll down C#m B A I felt strong but am I breaking now? A C#m Crying for no reason 'cause I buried it deep C#m B A I made promises I could not keep A E 'Cause I never faced all the pain I caused B C#m Now the pain is hitting me full force
verse 2 I push all my problems to the back of my brain A darkness deep inside where I just can't find my way How can I walk with a smile? Get on with my day When I deceived myself pretending it's all okay I tried my best to hold it all together, I know The strings have worn away and now I'm all exposed I try to hide it all away on top of the shelf I can lie to everyone but not to myself Chorus BRIDGE C#m A E B Forgive me now 'cause I said that I'll be there for you, care for you C#m A I let you down, I walked away E B 'Cause there were things I couldn't say to you, say to you C#m I'm breaking now Played twice: C#m I burned some bridges down A There must be some way out E The voices speak so loud B Will you forgive me now? Chorus

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