Kate Wolf

Early Morning Melody

Kate Wolf

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Early Morning Melody

Written by Kate Wolf

	  		CAPO: 3rd Fret 

Intro: Bm  D  Bm  D  Am 

An early morning melody 
G                         D        Am 
Playing in the scenery of my mind 

Rainy days and ocean tides 
Through the hills and greenwood sides 
       D           Bm 
Like a wind chime 

I think of you that way a lot 
G                                D             A 
Singing to the coffeepot and the kitchen wall 

Always up before the sun 
G                            Bm 
Picking out some pretty run, on the strings 
            D    Bm           D      Am 
Like a waterfall, like a waterfall 

You've given me so many songs 
G                                   D           Am 
Ones that kept me going on when I'd wonder why 

Weaving through the busy days 
They were colours in the misty haze 
     D               Bm 
Like rainbow rhymes 

Reminding me that even prison walls 
G                                D          A 
Turn to dust and fall before the open sky 

And love can find you in the darkest hour 
G                                Bm 
Touch you lightly as a flower on coloured wings 
             D   Bm            D    
Like a butterfly, like a butterfly 

Instrumental: Am  G  D  Am  G  D  Bm  G  D  A  G  Bm  D  Bm  D  Am 

Thought I'd let you know 
  G                                     D           Am 
I heard you singing soft and low when I woke today 

I got up to play along 
And found myself with a morning song 
   D              Bm 
To send your way 

Thanking you for all the times 
       G                                    D             A 
You've listened to these sunrise lines I've made for you 

I see your face before me now 
G                                      Bm 
Smiling as if you know somehow, you've touched my day 
                 D   Bm                D    Am  G  D 
Like the morning dew, like the morning dew 

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