Justin Timberlake

True Colors

Justin Timberlake

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True Colors

Capo on 4th fret

Intro: Am  G  C  F  

Verso 1:   
               Am   G  
Your with the sad eyes   
C                 F  
Don't be discouraged   
   Am          G  
Oh I realize   
      C               F  
It's hard to take courage   
      Am              G  
In a world full of people   
C                  F  
You can lose sight of it all   
         Am          G  
And the darkness, inside you   
               C       F  
Can make you feel so small   

Verso 2:  

            Am   G  
Show me a smile then   
C            F             Am  
Don't be unhappy, can't remember   
 G       C               F  
When I last saw you laughing   
         Am               G  
If this world makes you crazy   
             C             F  
And you've taken all you can bear   
 Am               G  
Just you call me up   
              F            C  
'cause I will always be there   

F C And I see your true colors G Shining through F C I see your true colors F G And that's why I love you F C E Am So don't be afraid to let them show F C Your true colors F C G True colors are beautiful C Like a rainbow

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