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The Highway Patrol Chords

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The Highway Patrol

Recorded by Junior Brown 
Words and music by Simpson, Rush and Payne 
A I got a star on my car and one on my chest 
A gun on my hips and the right to arrest 
I'm the D guy who's the boss on this highway 
So A watch out what you're doin' when you're drivin' my way 
If you E break the law, you'll hear from me, I know 
I'm a-{A} {Pause} workin' for the state 
I'm The E Highway Pat-{A} rol. 
Well, you'll know me when you see me, 'cause my door's painted white 
My siren a-screamin' and my flashin' red lights 
I work all day and I work all night 
Just a-keepin' law and order, tryin' to do what's right 
If I write you out a ticket, then you'd better drive slow 
I'm just a-doin' my job, I'm The Highway Patrol. 
I'm The D Highway Patrol, The Highway Patrol 
My A hours are long and my E pay is A low 
But I'll D do my best to keep you drivin' slow 
I'm just a-{A} {Pause} doin' my job 
I'm The E Highway Pat-{A} rol. 
If you're drivin' too fast like you shouldn't do 
You can bet your boots I'm comin' after you 
If you wanna race, then get on a race track 
'Cause when you try to run away, I'm gonna bring you back 
I'm here to keep all the speeder's drivin' slow 
I'm just a-doin' my job, I'm The Highway Patrol. 


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