Julien Baker

Decorated Lawns

Julien Baker

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Decorated Lawns

E C#m A 
E C#m A 

verse 1 
E         C#m         A 
Went back home in the winter 
E       C#m            A 
Moved into my parent's house 
E              C#m           A 
Walked the hallways like a stranger 
      E         C#m           A 
Still haven't figured anything out 

A        B5                     E 
'Cause I still don't know what to do 
A            B5                E            C#m 
Last year, I swore I'd make a noose with the lights 
     A          B5 
Hang out in the gutter 
     Cdim        C#m B5 
Decorate my neck 
With the colored bulbs 
So that everyone would 

E Laugh at me C#m Laugh at me A Laugh at me E C#m A When you drive around the neighborhood in your SUV E C#m A Looking for a holiday display with your family E C#m A And there I'll be, in the yard, dangling
Instrumental E C#m A E C#m A verse 2 E C#m A Happier spending December E C#m A Fulfilling obligations E C#m A Without the red pin in my calendar E C#m A The last call at the Greyhound station A B5 E 'Cause I can hurry off to you A B5 E The end of every grueling day A B5 E For the mundanity we suffer through A B5 E C#m I won't try to join the pile up on the freeway A B5 Crash my car into a ditch, oh darling Cdim C#m B5 A B5 I won't even think of it; anymore
E 'Cause I loved you C#m I loved you A I loved you E More than I hate me C#m I hate me A I hate me

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