Julian Casablancas The Voidz

Crunch Punch

Julian Casablancas The Voidz

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Crunch Punch

	  		"Survivors I have interviewed and also from all of the historical reading. 
 These are patterns. This has happened many times in history" 

Bb Ab x6 

Bb           Ab              Bb       Ab 
Devils, evangelicals, they puppet my eye 
Bb           Ab      Bb         Ab 
He is the creepiest guy in the sky. 
Bb              Ab        Bb     Ab 
Re-runs on the radio, the DJ is wrong 
Bb            Ab                 Bb           Ab 
He?s just a preacher who pushed play on this song. 

Bb Ab x2 

Bb Ab x8 

B                  Db    Bb 
I can?t live on a farm forever, 
B                          Db 
Please just tell them I?m gone, 
Ebm Bb           B                          
But not until tomorrow,  
                  Db     Bb 
when I?ve made it out somehow. 
B                    Bb 
Can I pray for you, ?ma?? 

Bb Ab x4 

Bb      Ab                Bb  Ab   
Police they get in their face 
Bb      Ab           Bb  Ab 
Officer down on the scene 
Bb        Ab          Bb            Ab     Bb   Ab    Bb Ab 
?Calling all cars we have an officer down, I repeat?? 

E      Bb        Ab      F# 
Best repeat what is not true 
E    Ebm  Fm Db 
Watch my neighbor 
E        Bb        Ab     F# 
We wont tell them what to do 
E Ebm Fm Db 
E              Bb       Ab                    F# 
Can you rescue me, everybody wants what they can?t see 
E Ebm Fm Db 
       E          Bb         Ab     F#        E Ebm Fm Db 
Yes I want it for me, but I want it for you, too.   aaah. 

Bb Ab x21 

Bb                 Ab             Bb        Ab 
Come meet the ventriloquist who puppets my eye, 
Bb           Ab      Bb        Ab 
He is the creepiest guy in the sky 
Bb         Ab                Bb         Ab 
Everybody loves him and he kisses your hand 
Bb            Ab              Bb        Ab 
He likes to pretend that he sings in a band. 
Bb   Ab 
? Okaay. 
Bb            Ab       Bb  Ab 
Please don?t take the pain 
       Bb         Ab           Bb Ab Bb Ab Bb Ab 
It?s running all down on your face?       ehh.. 
Bb               Ab    Bb   Ab  
?Don?t miss the show, okay?? 

?-Ah, I can?t have time? 

Bb Ab x4 

F#                   Ab    F 
I can?t live on the farm forever 
F#               Ab 
We live too far away 
From everything, 
   B                        Db   Bbm 
I pray for some things to change, 
Your mother is a murderer, 
            Db  Bbm 
Trust me I know. 
   B                      Db  Bb 
??Shit, I got excited, oh-oh? 

Bb     Ab       Bb       Ab 
Can?t beat them it?s so hard 
Bb     Ab       Bb     Ab 
Wanna meet them in my prime. 

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