Julia Nunes

The Moon

Julia Nunes

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The Moon

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verse 1 
As I close my eyes, I loan 
Attention to the world surround me 
The sound of the wind 
fighting it?s way through the trees 

verse 2 
The warmth in the air 
When the breeze comes to a rest 
I feel as though this moment will never end 
for me 

Em And as I open my eyes I look across from me Am at the only sight more beautiful than the C moon reflecting on the sea Em In such a short time you make me feel as though Am who I am is better than C who I was before
Bridge Em Before I met you Am Love was just a game C And I was just player dancing in the rain Em Know that I know you Am That all has changed C I value love and relations more than I can say verse 3 Em As I close my eyes Am I think back to when I met you C And how we have changed Bridge 2 Em While we?re what I thought we would be Am Damn I can?t complain C You mean so much to me
Em And as I open my eyes I look across from Am I view the same girl that C I used to see Em In such a short that you?ve known me Am you know me better than anyone C that?s ever known me

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