Jose Villanueva (Victory Worship)

Lord Of All

Jose Villanueva (Victory Worship)

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Lord Of All


G C2 G C2 


G            C2 
I surrender, I will yield 
Em7              D 
I will bow down, I will live 

G               C2 
I will seek You All my days 
Em7           D 
I will follow All Your ways 


          C2      Dsus/F#  G 
Cause You are  My only    one 
    Am7    C2   D 
You are My only one 

Chorus G I want to live for You G/B C2 Be Glorified forever Em7 My life will declare D You alone are Lord
G Everything of me G/B C2 Use it for Your glory , That everyone Em7 Dsus C2 Will see, Will hear, Will know G You are Lord of all Vamp D - CM7 Dadd9(4) Em7 CM7 Dadd9(4) Em7 - Dsus/F# - G Bridge G Here I am Lord mold me C2 Here I am Lord use me Em7 Here I am Lord send me D For Your Glory

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