Jonalyn Viray

Help Me Get Over Chords

Jonalyn Viray

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by abelamin

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Help Me Get Over

  		Intro: A   B   G#   A   G#   D  
verse 1: 
E   F#       G#            C#   
I know that this wound will bleed again   
            A               B                  E   
Now I?m here right beside the one I love   
E   F#       G#            C#   
I see he?s in love with someone else   
            A            B                E   
Now I know I just got to let him go   
         F#                     A B   
Because it?s over, Help me get over   

E F# I don?t know what to do G# A There is no easy way of letting go E F# But I know there?s no sense G# A In holding on too much to something fading C# G# A Help me, Help me A B E Help me get over you
verse 2: Now I see, You?re so happy with her Deep inside I just don?t know what to feel Oh, I?m sure, You don?t need me anymore So I?ll go on, Try my best to just move on Now that it?s over, I got to get over (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: C# B A I know I?ve got to leave it all behind C# B A Somehow I?ll try to get you off my mind F# A B So tell me what to do F# A B Help me get over? (Repeat Chorus) A B E Help me get over you? Hmmmm?

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