Jon Bryant

David Livingstone

Jon Bryant

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David Livingstone

Capo on 6th fret


G                    C                   G 
You be a mystery and i will uncover the truth  
G                     C                       D 
You be the Chorus and Ill be the verse to go through  
C                   D                    Em             G 
you be the dynamite blasting away at the walls we take apart  
C                        D                   G 
you be Dave Livingstone, ill be his African heart  

G                C                           G 
you be my walker and stay with me as i grow frail  
G                    C                         D 
you be the wind and direct me when i lose the sail  
C                    D                     Em                   G 
you be the resonance pulsing through every nerve that fails my knees  
C                       D                         G 
You be John Lennon, and Ill be the world that he see's  

C D sweet midsummer nights Em G with you in my life C D with you in my life
G C G You be a flask and ill be the comfort you hold G C D You can be stranded and ill bring you in from the cold C D Em G You be the ambulance racing me back to that old familiar door C D G You be Theresa, and ill be your hands to the poor G C G You be a train track, and ill never leave you for long G C D you be new land, and ill plot my home in your arms C D Em G You be the coffee that brings me to life in the early winter blue C D G You be my lady and Ill be your man, through and through. C D G You be my lady and ill be your man through and through.

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