Jon Anderson


Jon Anderson

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	  		  C             Am 
I read your letter 
F          G             C 
I got it just the other day 
C                   Am 
You seem so happy 
F            G         C 
So funny how time melts away 
It's such a pleasure 
To see you growing 
              F              G 
And how you're sending your love 
Thru' the air today 

C            Am 
I think of Heaven 
        F          G        C 
Each time I see you walking there 
          Am            F           G 
And as you're walking I think of children 

It's in your star sign 
You growing stronger 
I can't believe you 
       G           C 
It's so good to care 

Em                       Am 
Thru' enchantment - into Sunlight 
Em                 C 
Angels touched your eyes 
  Am             Em        F    G 
Your Highness - Electric - So Surprise 

C                  Am 
Is this your first life 
F                    G         C 
It seems as tho' you have lived before 
C             Am 
You help me hold on 
F               G             C 
You have a heart like an open door 

You sing so sweetly 
My Love adores you 
          F                   G 
She does, she's thinking of you 
Right now, I know 

C              Am 
The summer's coming 
F                  G           C 
I'll keep in touch so you're not alone 
C               Am              F 
Then like a swallow, you'll fly away 
           G      C 
Like birds have flown 
So let me tell you 
How much I love you 
                F        G 
I'd make the songbirds sing 
For you again 

C                  Am 
Well now it's goodnight 
F            G                 C 
Sweet angel, read this letter well  

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