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If I were a carpenter Chords

Johnny Rivers

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by europeu

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If I were a carpenter

Capo on 1st fret
D        C         G         D   
D        C         G         D   
{D}If  I  were  a  {C}carpenter Gand you were a Dlady 
{D}Would you marry me Canyway? GWould you have my Dbaby? 
DIf a tinker were Cmy trade Gwould you still Dfind me? 
DCarrying the Cpots I made, Gfollowing behind Dme 
CSave my love through Dloneliness, Csave my love through D/F#}sorrow DI give you my Conlyness, Ggive me your toDmorrow
DIf I worked my Chands in wood oh Gwould you still Dlove me? DAnswer me babe, "CYes, I would, GI'll put you aDbove me" DIf a miller Cwere my trade GI'd a mill wheel Dgrinding DWould you miss your Ccolor box? GWould you have my Dchild? {c:Chorus}

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