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Sink The Bismark Chords

Johnny Horton

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Sink The Bismark

	  Capo on first fret. 
In D May of nine-teen for-ty one the A war had just be-D gun 
The G Ger-mans had the big-gest ships that D had the big-gest guns 
The Bis-marck was the fast-est ship that ever sail-ed the seas 
On her decks were guns as big as steers and A shells as big as D trees. 
Out of the cold and fog-gy night came the Brit-ish ship The Hood 
And ever' British sea-man he knew and un-der-stood 
They had to sink the Bis-marck the ter-ror of the seas 
Stop those guns as big as steers and those shells as big as trees. 
D We'll find that Ger-man bat-tle-ship that's A mak'in' such a D fuss 
We got-ta sink the Bis-marck 'cause the A world de-pends on D us 
GHit the deck a-run-nin' boys and D spin those guns a-round 
When we find the Bis-marck we A got-ta cut 'er D down. 
The Hood found the Bis-marck and on that fa-tal day 
The Bis-marck start-ed fir-in' fif-teen miles a-way 
We got-ta sink the Bis-marck was the bat-tle sound 
But when the smoke had clear-ed a-way the might-y Hood went down. 
For six long days and wear-y nights they tried to find her trail 
Church-hill told peo-ple put ever' ship a-sail 
'Cause some-where on that o-cean I know she's got-ta be 
We got-ta sink the Bis-marck to the bot-tom of the sea. 
The fog was gone the sev-enth day an' they saw the mornin' sun 
Ten hours a-way from home-land the Bis-marck made it's run 
The Ad-miral of the Brit-ish fleet said turn those bows a-round 
We found that Ger-man Bat-tle-ship and we gon-na cut 'er down. 
The Brit-ish guns were aimed and the shells were com-in' fast 
The first shell hit the Bis-marck they knew she could-n't last 
That might-y Ger-man bat-tle-ship is just a mem-o-ry 
Sink the Bis-marck was the bat-tle cry that shook the sev-en seas. 
We found that Ger-man bat-tle-ship for mak'in' such a fuss 
We had to sink the Bis-marck 'cause the world de-pends on us 
We hit the deck a-run-nin' and we spun those guns a-round 
Yea! we found that might-y Bis-marck and we had to cut 'er down. 
CHORUS #2 <>(Last line) 
Yea! we found that might-y Bis-marck and then we cut 'er down. 

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