Johnny Flynn

Gypsy Hymn

Johnny Flynn

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Gypsy Hymn

	  		F Em G C 

    C         Am              C          Am 
The ferry man brought me with mind open, dreaming, 
   F        Em          G    C 
we cut the depths with laughter. 
    C          Am               C               Am 
Stayed with my youth that God's tooth cut when weaning, 
F       G     F 
now and ever after. 
The will of the void is to shape and name forms... 
    Am        C     Am    C 
our dance was never done, then. 
I remember you well from before you were born, 
   Am         C     Am   C 
my chance was never won, then. 

F (2 bars) 

I burned the sports pages, 
as I already knew the score. 
    C     F      Am  F 
Put faith in the fire, 
   C  F     Am   F 
forever and ever more. 
      C          Am 
Your colours of autumn, 
       C               Am 
you're burnished with gold there, 
    F        Em     G   C 
and standing in the river. 
     C          Am 
The circle of trees and  
     C           Am 
the full wish we told there, 
F        G    F 
truthful as a prison. 
I looked at the mystery and all she evoked, 
   Am      C           Am   C 
my patron saint stood near her. 
But the mystery walked and the mystery spoke, 
    Am          C     Am   C 
my saint said, "never fear her". 

F (2 bars) 

Now Mab is my queen, oh, 

and Mab is my chief. 
C   F     Am   F 
Mab is my root now, 
   C      F         Am            F 
my strong trunk and branch to the leaf. 
    C                   Am 
The circle remains and still from its past; 
    F             G           F           G 
now waiting, now singing, now flying half-mast. 
    C                        Am 
She is and she's whole, I'll know love again. 
     F            G          F      G 
I'll know my song well, each dying refrain. 
     C                         Am              
Each cadence and twist, well-observed in its harmony. 
F             G 
Silence come clean, 
      F                Am 
pull stillness for our lady. 
Am        C 
Gypsy hymn sing we slow, 
     F       G           F             G 
and tenderly bear me on your west wind blow... your 
Am        C 
gypsy hymn let me flow, 
    F        G       F               Am 
and sing me again before you got to go. 
F        G          F              C 
Sing me again before you got to go. 

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