Johnny Flynn

Flowers In My Garden

Johnny Flynn

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Flowers In My Garden

verse 1 
Bm             D 
Flowers in my garden 
Bm             D 
Birds in all the trees 
Bm             D 
This is where I'm rooted 
Bm             D 
Still I've got to leave 
G     D        G    D 
Yes I must be cut down 
G         D        Em     G 
Yes I've got to go far 

verse 2 
Bm             D 
For bread and wine 
Bm             D 
I'll extoll the meek 
Bm             D 
And sainted wings 
Bm        D 
In every keep 
G         D       G     D 
Chopping changing Roman girl 
G        D       G        D         Em     G  
Plopping laughing cockney pearl 

Bm Em I'm in the small things with the bloom Bm Em And you can't give me any news Bm Em Except the small things that you´╗┐ need Bm Em Will be around you when you listen
verse 3 D Bm And it will be peculiar D Bm That we're here on this long trodden earth D Bm And we might be familiar D Bm Were it not for them that gave us birth G D G D And were it not a separation G D G D Em G Cut of binding congregation
Bm Em The eyes we're given give us sight Bm Em Of one another in the light Bm Em And in the doorway of a dark cafe Bm Em And just before I fall asleep Bm G And dream of you Bm G D And wait to find you in another day
Outro Em D G D G

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