John Mark Nelson


John Mark Nelson

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Capo on 4th fret

C                           Em                               F    C 
So complete and so breathe deeply for the life in which you wake 
C                           Em                                     F     C 
Grateful heart and helpless mind that reels with every chance you take 

E             F           C    F                   C  
Dreams never take me far away, hide me from your love 
F                  G 
Wake to call your name 
And when you slow down you?ll surely say 

C F C G I know blowing in the wind there?s a voice that calls my name G F G C ?Don?t fear your life boy, grow and change� C F It came running through the earth where C G The pine and tall grass grew G F G C Leading me always, close to you
Verso C Em F C In the clearness of the spring, heard you calling heard you sing C Em F C ?This marks the end of all that?s through, I have a better plan for you Pre-Refrão E F C F C Still, I?m afraid of what I am, save me from my soul F G You can?t make me whole G Still I find my voice and say Repete Refrão Bridge C Em E For a hundred years we wait, and with every breath we take E C C2* Learn to bury our mistake C Em Do I lead myself towards pain? E C C2* Every song we raise in vain, every fire only flame C Em E Raise the children now to keep, every virtue that you seek E C C2* Hoping one day they?ll receive C Em E ?We are nothing but the dust that gathers down below the plain E We?ll be gone and you?ll remainâ? Pre-Refrão E F C F C Now what was far away draws near, teach me to belong F G I no longer fear

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