John Lennon

My Life

John Lennon

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My Life

Year: 1998 - Album: Anthology

Key:  A More
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	  		A            A                   F#m
My life, take it, it's mine to give
A                   A E7       A   E7
Take it and let me live     in you
       A     A        F#m
My life take it it's yours
A7                      D  Dm           A
Do what you want I dedicate       it to you
A           Bm       C#m     D
What's the use in waking
A                  Bm       C#m       D         C#m
If you're not there to share the pain and nightmares
       A     A                  F#m
My life, take it, for better or worse
   A                     A     E
Why waste time we both know
                       A             A
Together is the only way we'll make it
F#m         A7            D     Dm
Anyway, take it, my life
My life is you
What's the use in waking...
Bm                                   E
I have only myself to (sounds like 'lose')

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