John Cale


John Cale

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	  		E    A                  E  
Dark woman in the water drowning 
A		    E    A  E 
Sinking in a funny way 
      A                    E 
Black footing for a face exploding 
A                   B  
Mimicking our final days 

Middle 8: 
    C#m        B       A  
The ocean will have us all 
    C#m        B       A 
The ocean will have us all 

Dark woman in a cupboard burning 
Woman, what have they done 
Dark woman like a panther breathing 
Woman, what can be done 

Middle 8 

Cold cost of the death of nothing 
Slipping just like nothing did 
Burnt scarecrow in the wind was choking 
Smoking in the summer heat 

A E Barracuda, barracuda A E Won?t you lay down your life for me A E Won't you love me barracuda A E If you always need to bring out the worst in me
Ten morons with their whistles blowing Howling like a winter gale Dark woman like a crow a-crowing Crowing for the carrion meat Middle 8 Dark forest with the moon arising Smiling at you out of reach Cracked window in a chapel dreaming Hoping that the twain'll meet Chorus by: Josť Duarte [email protected]

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