Joanna Newsom

The Things I Say

Joanna Newsom

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The Things I Say

Am G  C                 G 
If I have the space of half a day,  
       C                          F 
I'm ashamed of half the things I say.  

       C                             F 
I'm ashamed to have turned out this way,  

     F           G     Am 
and I desire to make amends. 

Am G 

    C                  G 
But it don't make no difference, now, 

     C                      F 
and no-one's listening, anyhow, 

     C                        F 
and lists of sins and solemn vows 

        F      G      Am 
don't make you any friends. 

Am G 

There's an old trick played, 

           G                     C 
when the light and the wine conspire 

to make me think I'm fine. 

     C                          F 
I'm not, but I have got half a mind 

          G         Am 
to maybe get there, yet. 

Am G 

          C                G 
When the sky goes pink in Paris, France, 

         C                            F 
do you think of the girl who used to dance 

             C                           F 
when you'd frame her moving within your hands, 

               G       Am 
saying This I won't forget? 

Am G 

      C               G 
What happened to the man you were, 

          C                     F 
when you loved somebody before her? 

Did he die? 

                    F               G   Am 
Or does that man endure, somewhere far away? 

Am G 

      C                       G 
Our lives come easy and our lives come hard. 

        C                         F 
And we carry them like a pack of cards: 

     C                              F 
some we don't use, but we don't discard, 

                G     Am 
but keep for a rainy day. 

Am G Am 

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