Jo Dee Messina


Jo Dee Messina

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	  		C                  G 
Do you wanna be a poet and write 
G                      Em 
Do you wanna be an act-or up the lights 
                   Em   D                  C     
Do you wanna be a sold-ier and fight for love 
C               G 
Do you wanna travel the world 
G                     Em 
Do you want to be a diver for pearls 
            Em   D                          C 
Or climb a moun-tain and touch the clouds above 
Be any one you want to be  Bring to life your 
    G                        D 
But I want something in re-turn 

G Em C D I want you to burn burn for me baby G Em C D Like a candle in my nights G Em C D C C C Burn Burn for me burn for 1.)me 2.)me-ee-eee- C.)me
C G Are you gonna be a gambler and deal G Em Are you gonna be a doctor and heal Em D C Or go to heav-en and touch God's face C G Are you gonna be a dreamer who sleeps G Em Are you gonna be a sinner who weaps Em D C G Or an an-gel under grace I'll lay down on your bed of coals G D (D) Offer up my heart and soul But in re-turn, go to chorus, bridge BRIDGE: Bb A Bb C Bb A Oh oh oh wo I want you to burn for me wo oh oh Yeah oh oh oh C C Laugh for me Cry for me Pray for me Try for me Bb D Live for me Die for us go to chorus, "yeah", chorus

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