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Havana Daydreamin' Chords

Jimmy Buffett

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Havana Daydreamin'

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Chords: A x02220 D xx0232 E xxx454 (in the verses) 022100 (in the chorus) Intro E-----------2---------4----------2--------------- B--2--------3--3------5---5------3----3---------- G----2-------------2---------4-----------2------- D------2----------------------------------------- A--------0----------------------------------0---- E------------------------------------------------
(A) Stashed his (D) trash in (E) Ecua(D)dor (A) Bought a good (D) suit of cl(E)othes (D) (A) Flew on (D) up to (E) Mexic(D)o (A) Standin' (D) by the (E) shore (D) Waitin' for some my(Dsus)stery (D) man To pay him for his time (Dsus) (D) But thinkin' about all the mo(Dsus)ney he'd (D) made Couldn't help to ease his (A) mind Havana daydr(E)eamin' Boy he's just (D) dreamin', his life aw(A)ay (A) His daddy (D) chopped that (E) sugar (D) cane (A) One day (D) he fell (E) dead (D) (A) Jesus (D) had a (E) wanderin' (D) feelin' (A) Swimmin' a(D)round in his (E) head (D) Sailin' on a (Dsus) midnight (D) boat There were no questions asked (Dsus) (D) The water so green and the (Dsus) air was so (D) clean He just stuck right to his (A) task Havana daydr(E)eamin' Boy he's just (D) schemin', his life aw(A)ay Solo (A) Ceilin' (D) fan it (E) stirs the (D) air (A) Cigar (D) smoke does (E) swirl (D) (A) The fragrance (D) on the (E) pillow(D)case And he (A) thinks a(D)bout the (E) girl (D) Spillin' wine and (Dsus) sharin' good (D) times She sure could make him smile (Dsus) (D) He pays her well but (Dsus) what the (D) hell He'll be movin' in a little (A) while Havana daydr(E)eamin' Boy he's just (D) dreamin', his life aw(A)ay Havana daydr(E)eamin' Boy he'll be (D) dreamin', his life aw(A)ay Outro

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