Jim Capaldi

Love Hurts

Jim Capaldi

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Love Hurts

Capo on 3rd fret
	  		To play along to the record I have my  
Capo on 3 

Intro = G  F  C X 3  G 

verse 1 

       G            Em           C           D 

Love  hurts  love  scars  love  wounds  and  mars 

      G                   Em         C        D 

Any  heart  that's  not  tough  or  strong  enough 

             C        G               B       Em  

to  take  a  lot  of  pain  take  a  lot  of  pain 

Dm                  C                         D 

love  is  like  a  flower  holds  a  lot  of  rain 

       G     F  C  G 
Love  hurts   

verse 2 

      G        Em         C     D 

I'm  young  I  know  but  even  so 

    G                  Em          C             D 

I  know  a  thing  or  two  I've  learned  from  you 

               C          G             B          Em 

I've  really  learned  a  lot  really  learned  a  lot 

Dm              C                             D 

love is like a stove  burns  you  when  it's  hot 

       G       F    C     G 

Love  hurts   ooh  love  hurts 


C                      B     Em   B        Em      B     Em 

Some  fools  rave  on  happiness  blissfulness  togetherness 

A                                                                   D 

some  fools  fool  themselves  I guess  but  they're  not  fooling  me 

          C      G               B     Em 

I know it isn't true  know  it  isn't  true 

Dm                 C                         D 

love  is  just  a  lie  made  to  make  you  blue 

       G    F  C    G 

Love  hurts   love  hurts 

                     C    G 

Repeat Chorus - inc. love hurts to fade 

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