Jerry Butler

Let It Be Me

Jerry Butler

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Let It Be Me

	  		G	    D	  
I bless the day I found you  
Em        Bm  
I want to stay around you  
C        G  
And so I beg you  
C         G  
Let it be me.  
G               D  
Don't take this heaven from one  
Em          Bm  
If you must cling to someone  
C       G  
Now and forever  
C         G  
Let it be me  
C Bm 'Cause each time we meet love C G I find complete love Am Bm Without your sweet love C B D What would life be? G D So never leave me lonely Em Bm Tell me you love me only C G And that you'll always C G Let it be me
Repeat last 2 lines twice

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