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Once I Was Chords

Jeff Buckley

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by lucicamargo

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Once I Was


| D | Gmaj7 | 
| D | D7 | Gmaj7 | 
| D | D7 | Gmaj7 | 
| D | D7 | Gmaj7 | 

verse 1 
 D            Gmaj7 
Once i was a soldier 
 D                      Gmaj7 
And i fought on foreign sands for you 
 D           Gmaj7 
Once i was a hunter 
 D                 Gmaj7 
And i brought home fresh meat for you 
 D           Gmaj7 
Once i was a lover 
 D                         Gmaj7 
And i searched behind your eyes for you 
 D                    Gmaj7 
And soon there'll be another 
D            Gmaj7 
To tell you I was just a lie 

Bm G Sometimes I wonder A Just for a while Bm A Bm Do you ever remember me
Interlude | D | D7 | Gmaj7 | | D | Gmaj7 | verse 2 D Gmaj7 And though you have forgotten D Gmaj7 All of our rubbish dreams D Gmaj7 I find myself searching D Gmaj7 Through the ashes of our ruins Bridge D Gmaj7 For the days when we smiled D Gmaj7 And the hours that ran wild D Gmaj7 With the magic of our eyes D Gmaj7 And the silence of our words
N.C And sometimes i wonder N.C Just for a while N.C Will you remember me

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