J.D. Crowe

Old Home Place

J.D. Crowe

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Old Home Place

Capo on 3rd fret
         G                  B7          C             G   
 It's been ten long years since I left my home   
 In the hollow where I was born.   
                   G          B7                    C                 G   
 Where the cool fall nights make the wood smoke rise,   
                            D            G   
 And a fox hunter blows his horn.   
 I fell in love with a girl from the town   
 I thought that she would be true.   
 I ran away to Charlottesville   
 and worked in a sawmill or two.   
    D                                     G   
 What have they done to the old home place,   
  A                            D   
 why did they tear it down?   
          G            B7          C               G   
 And why did I leave the plow in the field,   
                        D             G   
 and look for a job in the town.   
 Well, the girl ran off with somebody else   
 the taverns took all my pay.   
 And here I stand where the old home stood   
 before they took it away.   
 Now the geese fly south and the cold wind moans   
 as I stand here and hang my head.   
 I've lost my love, I've lost my home   
 and now I wish that I was dead.   


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