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Make It Mine Chords

Jason Mraz

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by aman%5Fclaudino

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Make It Mine



Cmaj7        Bm7 
Wake up everyone 
how can you sleep at a time like this 
unless the dreamer is the real you 
Listen to your voice 
the one that tells you to taste past the 

tip of you tounge 
leap and the net will appear 

Am7 I don't want to wait D Bm7 Em7 before, the dream, is over Am7 I'm gunna Make, D Bm7 Em7 It Mine, yes I, I know it and Am7 I'm gunna Make, D Cmaj7 It Mine, yes I'll make it all mine 2nd verse the same as 1st
Bridge D# A# And timing's everything and this time there's plenty D# A# I am balancing careful and steady and C D revaling??? in energy that everyone demitted ^^^^^^^^ Sorry. Don't know that word. Help please

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