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George Strait Cover Band Chords

Jason M. Carroll

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by scottshot8878

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George Strait Cover Band

Capo on 2nd fret
	  This is a song that is hard to find, but well worth it when you do 
It was only available at his live shows on a demo CD.  But, search You Tube and you can find it. 

George Strait Cover Band 
By: Jason Michael Carroll 
Questions/Comments: [email protected] 

Key of E /  

Intro is like the intro to the GS song Write This Down 

Verse 1: 
D                                        G 
It was my first time in NYC 
              D                                         G 
Just a few of the boys from a band and me 
D                                           G                           A 
Takin' the sites in and hoping to find a plan 
               D                                      G 
When David pointed out an old marquee 
                           D                                                     G    
That said admission to the country show tonight its free 
D                                      G                             A 
We walked in just in time to hear the band 
         Bm                                G 
We couldn't believe just what we heard 
          Bm                                G 
The crowd never said a single word 
                 Bm                        G                        A 
As the band got up and they began to play 

Chorus 1: 
                      G                                         A        
They sang Run and True, I Just Wanna Dance With You 
             D                                                  G 
And then they played Marina Del Rey 
Unwound, The Chair, Right or Wrong this is where 
                 D                          G  
The Cowboy Rides Away 
         D                              A 
And I never heard I Cross My Heart 
                 D                                        G 
And if I hurry I Can Still Make Cheyenne 
          D                         G    
As good as I did in New York City  
               A                                                     D 
By the George Strait cover band 

Verse 2: 
    D                                           G 
I never thought I'd hear a sound like that 
                    D                                                              G 
From a band that was wearin' backward baseball caps 
D                                    G                                      A 
They played every song Strait fr om their heart  
(That's S-T-R-A-I-T) 
Bm                                    G 
They played all our favorite songs 
Bm                          G 
And everybody sang along 
Bm                              G                           A                 
Blue Clear Sky and I get Carried Away 

Chorus 2: 
                G                               A 
Check Yes or No, Easy Come Easy Go 
                             D                      A                G   A 
And I've got Ocean Front Property in Arizona 
        D                                             A 
And I never heard You Look So Good In Love 
            D                              G 
Baby Blue and The Fireman 
        D                           G 
As good as I did in New York City  
                  A                                             D 
By the George Strait cover band 

       D                            A 
And I never heard If I Know Me 
                    D                                  G 
And it's a Love Without End Amen 
         D                          G 
As good as I did in New York City  
                 A                                             D,F#m,G,A 
By the George Strait cover band 

Amarillo I'll be there 

there isn't a video lesson for this song

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