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Telephone Romeo Chords

Jason Boland

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by eskipii

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Telephone Romeo

	  The song is in the key of A 
Intro and bridge  
A     E     F#m     D     A     E     D (step down to A) A 
A     E     F#m     D     A     E     D  
             A          E            F#m              A  
We kept our parting connected by the same stretch of road 
     D            A                  E  
And I?m tired of packing round this heavy load 
     F#m           A                  E      A  
It started out a stream but then the levee fell 
          D          A               E  
When the rain maker had some extra seed to sell 
Well I just thought id call and se what?s going on 
Did the hill country flatten out since I?ve been gone 
Are the fields all painted up in red and blue 
Are you thinking of me the times I?m thinking of you 
                    D                  A  
Well I just wanna drink ?til I?m not thirsty 
                   E                 A  
And I just wanna sleep ?til I?m not tired 
               D                       A   A/F#   E  
I just wanna drive till I run out of money 
F#m                  A    E                      (Bridge)  
I don?t wanna be no Romeo on the telephone wire 
Could we dream up a reason for a rendezvous 
Well the yanks are in town and we got nothing to do 
The neighbors are gone and you?re feeling alone 
You can?t kiss somebody on the telephone 
Well did you go out last night and was it just a friend 
Would you care if I showed up there at 6 AM 
And drive all day with the top pulled down 
We could stay in all night or we could paint the town 
I guess I?d better go now its getting too late 
There?s a party downstairs and I thought I heard something break 
I bid you goodnight and hope to see you soon 
Maybe later on this afternoon 


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