Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson

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Year: 1993 - Album: janet.

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	  		C              G 
I heard from a friend today  
Am                       F 
And she said you were in town  
      C      G  Am                        C 
Suddenly the memories came back to me in my  

       C                E 
How can I be strong I've asked myself  
Am                    F 
Time and time I've said  
          Dm       C      G                 F Em Dm C 
That I'll never fall in love with you again  

A wounded heart you gave  
    Am           F G 
My soul you took away  
     Dm                 Am 
Good intentions you had many  
  F          C  
I know you did  
I come from a place that hurts  
    Am                  F G 
And God knows how I've cried  
      Dm            Am 
And I never want to return  
F   G  F  G C 
Never fall again  

C      G      Am 
Making love to you  
Oh it felt so good and  
C     G 
Oh so right  

       C                E 
How can I be strong I've asked myself  
Am                    F 
Time and time I've said  
          Dm      C       G                 F Em Dm C 
That I'll never fall in love with you again  

C               G 
So here we are alone again  
Am                        F  G 
Didn't think it'd come to this  
       Dm          Am 
And to know it all began  
        F            C 
With just a little kiss  
I've come too close to happiness  
   Am             F G 
To have it swept away  
            Dm             Am 
Don't think I can take the pain  
   F  G  F   G C 
No never fall again 

C     G         Am  
Kinda late in the game  
And my heart is in  
Your hands 

Don't you stand there and then  
Tell me you love  
Am                 F 
Me then leave again  
          Dm       C       G           
'Cause I'm falling in love with  
     F Em Dm C 
You again  

C      G 
Hold me  
Am     F 
Hold me  

( C  G  Am  C ) 

C                    G 
Don't ever let me go  
C       G           Am 
Say it just one time  
       F        C G  
Say you love me  
Am          C 
God knows I do  
Love you  

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