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Merry Christmas, Darling Chords

Jane Monheit

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Merry Christmas, Darling

(Frank Pooler and Richard Carpenter)

Introduo: Verse 

 Em      A7    F#m       Bm 
Greeting cards have all been sent 
   G      A      D    F#7 
The Christmas rush is through 
  Bm        F#7      Bm7     Bm5-/7 
But I still have one more wish to make 
 E7/9 E7    G/B A7/13- 
A special one for you 
D   D7M  D6      Em7     A7  
Merry Christmas, Darling    
D9   F#m7          Em7 A7 
We're apart, that's true 
  G   Edim      F#m A7    D      
But I can dream and in  my dreams 
B7   G  F#m  Em7 Cdim A7 
I'm Christmasing with you 
D   D7M  D6    Em7 A7 
Holidays are joyful     
    D9     F#m7    Em7    A7 
There's always something new 
  G   Edim     F#m Bm7    E7     E4/7    
But every day's a holiday when I'm near to you 
   G        A7    F#m        Bm 
The lights on my tree I wish you could see  
  G     A     D  
I wish it every day  
 Bm       D7M        Bm7           B7 
The logs on the fire fill me with desire  
  G   G/F# Em7  G/B A 
To see you  and to say  
    D       D7M   D6   Em7    A7    
That I wish you a merry  Christmas 
D9  F#m7    D7   D7/13- 
Happy New Year, too 
    G       A7        F#m        Bm 
I've just one wish on this Christmas Eve  
  G     A7   F#m  B7   
I wish I were with you  
  Em    A7  A7/13-  D 
I wish I were with you 

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