Jackson Parten

Miss Understanding

Jackson Parten

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Miss Understanding

	  		G  D   C  G  D    
G            D                 C 
In a perfect world I'd be understood 
                  G            D              G  
You'd hear what I say and everything would be good 
G        D                  C   
Where we are, things get confused 
               G               D       C 
Your attention span is shorter than my fuse 
C                 D                             C 
You should get an award, they should give you a crown 
                 D                           G 
And you'd be the queen of communication breakdowns 
G D C D Congratulations, Miss Communication G D C D You twist my words so well G D C D G And when I tell you that I love you, yeah D C C/B C C/B C C/B G You tell me to go to hell
What's that you say, oh well never mind Are we runnin' on empty are we walkin that line Doesn't matter to me what you say or you do Long as you're here with me, as long as I'm here with you I should pull myself up before I drown So I can kiss the queen of communication breakdown Chorus Solo Bridge: C There's one thing I know D There's one thing I have found C When I open up my mouth D Got another breakdown Chorus

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