J. Mascis

And Then

J. Mascis

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And Then


   C  G  Am  Fadd9 
Am     G           Am 
I get/give??? more than I believe 
Am     G            Am 
Travel on it's failed me 
C            Dm        Am 
Trailing? me trailing? me 
C          Dm      Am 
To the sea to the sea 
    G  Em       ? not sure on this one        
And then 
To the outer reach? 
G                           Am 
Feel the way I never felt explain again 
Just to know you   
And then 
G                              Am 
Release another piece another when we went? 
I'm below you  
     C       G        Am      Fadd9 
And then and then and then my friend 
     C  G  Am  Fadd9 progression 

G Fadd9 Drifting cause the piece was there alone when were about to place G Fadd9 Em Picture of the mixture and the birth of yet another place...another waste
Verse2 Am G Am Nothing's realer than the worth? Am G Am Down to you is ground to us C Dm Am Who to trust who to trust C Dm Am All the dust all the dust G Em And then C To the outer reach? G Am Wrapped inside the biggest time we're overrun Fadd9 Just to know you C And then G Am Explain to me another way to get it done Fadd9 Who will I go to C G Am Fadd9 This friend this friend this friend and then SOLO Chorus SOLO C G Am Fadd9 And then and then and then and then

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