Israel Houghton

Alpha And Omega

Israel Houghton

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Alpha And Omega

Written by Erasmus Mutanbira

	  		Db  Ebm/Db   Db   Ebm/Db Db  Ebm/Db  Db 
You are     Alpha  and    O - me -   ga, 

   Ebm             Db/Ab  Bb/Ab    Ab   Bbm  Ab/C    Db 
We worship you our Lord    You are wor - thy  to  be praised 

Db Bbm/C  F    Bbm   Ab   Gb   Db/F  Db Gb    Eb/Gb Ebm     Db/Ab 
We  give  you  all   the  Glo - ry,  We wor - ship  you our Lord 

        Ab    Bbm Ab/C Ab    Db 
You are wor - thy  to  be  praised. 


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