Cola Song


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Cola Song

Capo on 3rd fret
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E5 Am E5 Am e---------------------------------------------------------------------------15-13----------20~----| B-----13-15-16-15-15~--15-15~--15-15-16-13-13~-----13-15-16-15-15~--15-15~-------16-15-13~----13~-| G-12~------------------------------------------12~------------------------------------------------| D-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Or then octave lower like this: E5 Am E5 Am e------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| G-------------------------------------------------------------------------12-10----------17~-----| D----10-12-13-12-12~--12-12~--12-12-13-10-10~----10-12-13-12-12~--12-12~-------13-12-10~-----10~-| A-10~-----------------------------------------10~------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
verse 1: Am E5 Am E5 We got that Coca Cola bottle shape, shape, shape Am E5 Am E5 We got that sugar, do you wanna taste, taste, taste? Am E5 We take it all around the globe Am E5 Baby everywhere we go Am E5 Make it hot when mama arrives Am E5 Shake, shake, shake Am E5 Like oh, you know they want it Am E5 Ay, ándale Am E5 Oh, you know we got it Am E5 Ah, smile we say
Chorus: E5 Soy Latina baby Am Soy Latina baby E5 Am Okay, let's party, say ole E5 Am Soy Latina y la noche we own it, baby E5 Am Okay, let's party, say ole (Ole)
Riff/melody verse 2 Chorus Riff/melody

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