IIIrd Tyme Out

a song and a prayer

IIIrd Tyme Out

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a song and a prayer

Midnight light on a lonely shore 
made me think of  friends 
that I won?t see no more 
even though I feel like I?ve known before    all along 
I thought maybe it was time to start 
                 Bb                            F 
to say a little prayer       right here in my heart 
                                          Bb    C       F 
cause I feel like I?ve been in the dark    way to long 

F Bb F Open my eyes to the things I?m not Bb F Use my life lord to fill a good spot Bb C this old world needs you alot and so do I Bb F Open my heart to the people I love Bb F let me shine like your light from above Bb F thank you for the heart of the one I love hear my sigh
2nd Verse There was a time when I couldn?t see right seem there was trouble every night those were the times when I needed your light but I couldn?t see but now I think of what I can do if I just have a little faith in you with a song and a prayer I can make it through cause your here with me Repeat Chorus

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chords IIIrd Tyme Out - a song and a prayer
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