Ian Kelly

Your Garden

Ian Kelly

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Your Garden

	  		Intro: Fmaj7 Em7 Am Fmaj7 Em7 Am 

Verse 1:

Fmaj7 Would you carry me on your shoulders Em Em7 If I didn?t know any better Am Then to abandon Fmaj7 Would you sink with me in the ocean Em Em7 Would you stay with me in a prison Am Fmaj7 Em Am If I abandon Fmaj7 Would you drag me out of the apartment Em Em7 Would you break the glass as a statement Am Would you give us up Fmaj7 We are one in a million Em Em7 We?ve built this house in a season Am But it should make it through winter Fmaj7 Em Am Fmaj7 Em C It should last us forever


Em F/C I wait outside your garden, just under the lamppost C Where you grow all your flowers and you use me as compost F/C But I shouldn?t worry, for the end of our story C My heart has been bruised, my soul has been immune F/C Well it became so clear, every time that you?re near C I can?t see, I can?t breathe I can?t tell if I?m dead Em I?ve been going through life with your foot on my head F/C Em Am And I drown in your bed

Verse 2:

Fmaj7 Would you drag me out of the water Em7 Hook me up to the respirator Amadd9 Would you wait for me

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