Ian Anderson

Give Till It Hurts

Ian Anderson

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Give Till It Hurts

Capo on 3rd fret

   Am                 Asus4 Am  Asus2        Am 
We know it's tough to make ends meet through troubled times 
   G        Em                Am         G 
as economic woes grow, bad to worse. 
    Am              Asus4 Am  Asus2     Am 
But call out to our family of treasured followers 
   G               Em                Am 
to make a pledge today, give 'til it hurts. 
    C                             Dm                    F 
Our coffers almost empty, but our flock stands faithful by 
      F                                Em 
as we set out to shave the needy and bereft. 
         Am                Asus4 Am Asus2 Am 
Together we can fleece our willing congregation 
    G             Em                      Am 
and I can live on any small change that's left. 
C                       G            Em 
So, give 'til it hurts. Give 'til it hurts. 
F                 Em           Am 
Make a pledge and give 'til it hurts.  

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