Hue And Cry

Mother Glasgow

Hue And Cry

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Mother Glasgow

	  		E                       A       B 
In the second city of the Empire 
A                    B                  E 
Mother Glasgow watches all her weans 
E                               A B 
Trying hard to feed her little starlings 
F#m                     B               E 
Unconsciously she clips their little wings 

verse 2 as above 

E                               A               B 
Among the flightless birds and sightless starlings 
A                       B               E 
Father Glasgow knows his starlings well 
E                               A       B 
He wont make his own way up to heaven 
F#m                     B               E 
By waltzing all his charges in to h*** 

A                       B       E 
Mother Glasgow's succour is perpetual 
E                       B 
Nestling the Billy and the Tim 
E                                    A    B 
I dreamt I took a dander with St. Mungo 
A                   B                   E        
To try to catch a fish that couldnae swim 

And the tree 
And the fish 
And the bird 
And the bell... 

A       B F#m B E 
Let Glasgow Flourish! 

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