Houston Marchman

Worry Me

Houston Marchman

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Worry Me

G  C G  G  C G 

G                        C         G 
sometimes it's hard, for me to say certain things, 
                                    D            C 
so i say them in the words of the songs that i sing. 
   G                                C               G 
i don't always know for sure, what tomorrow?s gonna bring. 

     C              D            Em 
but i?ll try not to let it worry me 
             C          D            G  C G 
yea, i gotta try not to let it worry me 

lord & sometimes i get so turned around, 
can't seem to find that ground i'm holding, 
tell me if you think i'm crazy 
        C      Em     D 
lord i just-- might-- be.            
         C          D            Em 
but i?ll try not to let it worry me 
             C          D            G     C G 
yea, i gotta try not to let it worry me 

G                                    C                G 
probably think about you girl just a little more than should 
                                             D                    C 
cause you're on my mind all the time, and i don't know if that's good 
G                                      D                 Em 
tell me we could work things out but i don't know if we could 
C i wish i had a dime for every time G D kick my self right in the behind for leaving you, know i'd be a rich man C here it comes another wild eyed brother G singing a song about a girl sounds alot like you D tell me what am i gonna do C Em D well i think i'm going crazy

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