Vampire Heart (Acoustic)


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Vampire Heart (Acoustic)

	  		Em        C                      Em  
You can't escape the wrath of my heart,  
        C              G   B   
beating to your funeral song  
Em             C               Em  
All faith is lost, for hell regained  
        C                     G          B  
and love dust of the wrath of shame, just be brave  
C2                      G           B    C2  
Let me bleed you this song, of my heart deformed  
C2          G        B           C2  
And lead you along,  this path in the dark  
C2          G             B      G   B  
Were I belong, until I feel your warmth 
Em C2 Hold me, like you held on to life, G D When all fears came alive, and entombed me, Em C2 Love me like you love the sun G D Em Scorching the blood in my vampire heart
Em C Em C G B I'll be the thorns in every rose you've been sent my hope(you'll grow cold) Em C Em i am the nightmare waking you up C G B from the dream of a dream of love (just like before) C2 G B C2 let me weep you this poem as heaven's gates close C2 G B C2 paint you my soul, scarred and alone C2 G B G B I wait for your kiss to take me back home Chorus 2x

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