In Your Hands


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In Your Hands

	  		In Your Hands Written by: Reuben Morgan  

Em  D    G    
I'm so secure 
       Em   D    C  Em 
You're here with me, 
    D        G 
You stay the same 
     Em   D  C 
Your love remains, 
Here in my heart. 

Chorus: (2X) 
(A )(F#m)     (D) 
 G   Em        C  
So close I believe, 
      (E)            (A) 
       D              G 
You're holding me now 
       (F#m)      (D) 
        Em         C 
In Your hands I belong 
      (E)          (A) 
       D            G 
You'll never let me go 

Em     D       G 
You gave Your life 
        Em   D  C   Em 
In Your endless love 
    D      G 
You set me free 
    Em     D      C 
And showed me the way 
Now I am found 

Repeat Chorus: 
C         G 
All along you were beside me 
B7                   Em 
Even when I couldn't tell 
Through the years 
G                     F 
You showed me more of You 
More of You 

Repeat Chorus 
Repeat Chorus (Note Up) 2X?...Fade 

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