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Your Word Chords

Hillsong Worship

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by deivcavalcanti

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Your Word

Intro: Am  F  F  C  C  Gsus  G G/F  

verse 1 
G   G/F       Am                           F 
Be-fore the earth knew its foundation 
                        C                 Gsus   G 
You spoke the dust into creation 
    G/F    Am                       F 
Until the end when all has withered 
                         C                              Gsus   G 
Then still your word will endure forever 

F                             Am 
The lamp unto my feet 
F                             Am 
The light unto my path 

Am F C G Your word will not be shaken Am F C G Your word will never fail me F C Like a fire in my bones G Dm7 Like a whisper to my soul F C Gsus G You word is revelation
verse 2 Deep calls to deep within your presence When i hear you speak, my soul awakens Your spirit leads my heart to worship As your word reveals the light of jesus Repeat Pre-Chorus Repeat Chorus Instrumental | Fmaj9 | Fmaj9 | Fmaj9 | Fmaj9 | | C | C | C | C | (Play 6 times) Repeat Chorus three times Final chord F

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