Hillsong Worship

New Wine

Hillsong Worship

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New Wine

	  		verse 1 
  In the crushing 
  In the pressing 
Bm               G       D 
  You are making New Wine 

verse 2 
  In the soil I 
Not surrender 
Bm               G       D 
You are breaking New Ground 

     G               Bm            A       Em 
So I yiled to you and to your careful hand 
     G               Bm            A 
When I trust you I don't need to understand 
Chorus D Make your vessel G Make me an offering Bm Make me whatever G D You want me to be D I came her with nothing G But all you have given me Bm Jesus bring New Wine G D Out of me
Outro G Where there is New Wine Bm A Em There is new power G There is new freedom Bm D The Kingdom is here G I lay down my old flames Bm A To carry your new fire G Today

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chords Hillsong Worship - New Wine
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