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Hillsong United

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by bombaXXX

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Year: 2010 -

(Matt Crocker)

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	  Intro: B 

We're giving it all away, away 
We're giving it all to go Your way 

Verso 1:  
In the Father there is freedom  
There is hope in the Name that is Jesus  
Lay your life down give it all now  
We are found in the love of the Saviour  

E             G#m  
We've come alive in You  
Set free to show the truth  
      E           G#m         F#  
Our lives will never be the same  

B We're giving it all away away E G#m E We're giving it all to go Your way
Verso 2: We are sold out to Your calling Everything that we are For Your glory Take our hearts now Have it all now Let our lives shine Your light like the morning Ponte: C#m E B F# You rolled back the curtains from our eyes And now we can see You C#m E B F# You've shown us Your way Your truth and life C#m E B F# We offer our lives to bring You fame E We're caught in Your freedom E We're caught in Your freedom

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