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Everything that has breath Chords

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by kellesdaniel

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Everything that has breath

(Daniel Kelles)

	  INTRO: Cm7 - F - Am7 - F (2X)  
I. Praise Him in the sanctuary  
C7M            F 
Praise Him in the mighty Heavens praise Him  
Am7         G/B 
All the earth praise Him  
II. Praise Him in His awesome power   
C7M           F 
Praise His great and holy name praise Him  
Am7            G/B 
The whole world praise Him  
G                                              F2 
Pre Chorus: From the rising of the sun  
Let His praise be heard  
From the east to the west  
And the north to the south  
Chorus: Let everything that has breath  
Praise the Lord forever  
Let everything in my soul  
Praise the Lord  
Am7 F2 
Bridge: Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord  
Instrumental: G - F2 (2x)   


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